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How to plan your NavPod system

Which NavPod Is For Me?

NavPod Pre-Cut - Cut For Your Manufacturer Specific Marine Electronics.

SailPods and PowerPods are pre-cut with a precision CNC router to fit popular Radar, Chartplotters, or MFD displays from major marine electronic manufactures. SystemPods are pre-cut for popular system layouts. In some cases, multiple holes are pre-cut and other models have a place for the chartplotter pre-cut leaving space for you to add other products. 

NavPod Uncut - We Offer You A Usable Face That You Can Cut To The Specifics Of Your Marine Electronics.

Un-Cut NavPods are available for you to mount any electronics that we do not offer as a pre-cut. Tips for cutting the face of a NavPod are available in our SailPod Installation Tips page.

Usable Face Of NavPod - The Space Available For Mounting Your Marine Electronics.

 If you plan to select an un-cut NavPod, we provide “usable face” as a guideline. “Usable face” is the available flat surface on the front of a NavPod. The overall height and width of the electronics needs to be less than the height and width of the usable face.

Max-Cutout For NavPod - The Absolute Border Of Usable Space.

The inside of the NavPod has certain structural “protrusions”. The max cutout has been documented for each model. Please refer to the flush mount template that is provided by the electronics manufacturer. The height and width of the needed cut out should be no larger than the height and width of the max cutout.

Planning your installation

When deciding how to mount your electronics, we want you to think about your future needs as well. We have SailPods and powerpods designed to accommodate a single piece of electronics. We also have SystemPods and InstrumentPods for mounting multiple pieces of electronics into one NavPod. So you might choose a SystemPod today and have room available when you add that autopilot next season.

Types of NavPods to choose from: 

• SailPods are for mounting of a single Radar or Chartplotter at the helm where you can easily operate and clearly see the fine details of the screen.

• PowerPods are for mounting on a flat surface. Perhaps under the dodger or aft end of the cockpit table especially on boats with dual wheels.

InstrumentPods are available for mounting 3, 4 or 5 instruments in a single NavPod at the helm or companionway.

SystemPods are for mounting multiple pieces of electronics in one NavPod. This is a good way to reduce the height of a system. In addition to mounting of a Radar or Chartplotter, you can have room for an autopilot, instrument, stereo controller, or VHF mic.

RailMounts come with a Stainless Steel arm that mounts onto the vertical tube on any 1” or 1.25” pedestal guard or AngleGuard. Models are available for mounting of a single instrument or autopilot control. There are also RailMounts for chartplotters or Radars up to 9” display. You can rotate the NavPod on the Stainless Steel arm and see the autopi­lot or chartplotter from under the dodger on a rainy day.

MastPods are available for mounting up to three Maxi displays on the mast.

Pre-Cut and Uncut NavPods

We strive to offer pre-cut models for most popular electronics. If we don’t have a pre-cut, then we offer a choice of uncut models. In addition to the normal height and width measurement of the product, we also provide a “usable face” and “max cut-out” measure­ments next to each model description, on our site.

Types of AngleGuards to choose from

Straight AngleGuards with no bends are designed to fit only a single InstrumentPod.

Single Bend AngleGuards are designed to fit a single SailPod or SystemPod.

Double Bend AngleGuards are designed to fit an InstrumentPod on the top vertical section and SailPod below on the angled section.

What size pedestal guard do I have?

We need to recognize what size pedestal guard is presently on your boat and what we are trying to mount to or replace. Pedestal guards are not hard to remove and replace. The tendency most people have is to try to clamp something on to the pedestal guard. We have our new RailMounts for this application but these will only accommodate single instruments or chartplotters up to 9”. For most applications, we are going to try to convince you to replace the existing pedestal guard. Our goal is to help you layout a sturdy and clean system. It is important to properly position your electronics for ease of operation and visibility.