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Q-I have a question regarding Ocean Equipment’s Products and services and I can’t find what I’m looking for on your website. What is the best way for me to contact Ocean Equipment and talk to a human?

A-If you are unable to find what you need from our website Call us--- 541-318-1272---we are here to help! We staff our phones from 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday thru Friday – Pacific Standard Time / Pacific Time (USA West Coast). Our Technical Staff is knowledgeable, with 30+ years of experience in marine electronics installations and fitments. We will gladly listen to you and discuss your application and work with you to find a solution for cleanly mounting your marine electronics on your boat.

Or send us an e-mail:


Q-I do not see my “xx brand”or “xx model number” Chartplotter, Sonar, Instrument, Auto Pilot or Fishfinder listed on your website, what should I do to find the correct fitment?

A-We strive and try to support the most current and common marine electronics. However we typically do not provide precut NavPods for small or extra-large format (under 7” or over 16”) GPS, Chatplotters, Fishfinders and VHF/UHF radios.

Call us and we will be happy to help determine a suitable fitment solution for your marine electronics application.


Q-I do not see my legacy marine electronics listed on your website.

A-For some marine electronics that are “discontinued or no longer available” from a particular marine electronics manufacture, electronics that are typically 8-10 years old or older we have likely discontinued listing them on our website. We may still have some stock available…call us


Q-Why don’t you have a precut for the Furuno TZT9 Multi-function Display? This is a very popular MDF?

A- We Currently do not have and do not support a precut for the Furuno TZT9 MFD. Due to the Furuno TZT9’s depth and large protrusions on its back we are currently not recommending a NavPod fitment for this particular instrument.


Q-That looks complicated and I am not comfortable installing a NavPod system on my boat! I don’t have the tools for that! How do I run the wires? You mean I have to drill holes in my boat? How do I cut and drill this stainless steel or this plastic part or this fiberglass? Is stainless steel hard to drill? That drill bit is expensive? What is a ¼-20 tap? Installing a NavPod systems seems too technically complicated and difficult, is there an easier way?

A- While a NavPod system can be successfully installed by most "handy" do It yourselfers that have a basic knowledge of hand and power tools, some people just do not possess the manual skills needed. If any of this sounds like you…then consider having a marine electronics professional perform your installation for you, we can make good recommendations to a reliable professionals in your area. Installing marine electronics is a craft. And involves knowledge, skills, some specialized tools and techniques. The most important tool is your brain.


Q-Why do you charge extra $$$ to pre-cut the front face of my NavPod?

A-Using our in house manufacturing engineers and production personal along with specialized tools and equipment we can insure that your electronics will have the best possible and cleanest fit. In the big picture the minimal extra cost of a precut NavPod saves you more than the time and frustration of DIY.


Q-Can’t I just cut out my NavPod front face to fit my marine electronics myself? DIY precuts? What’s the best way to cut out a NavPod front face?

A-Yes you can…but first, check that we do not already have a precut recommendation to fit your marine electronics.

To cut your NavPod yourself we recommend using a RotoZip spiral saw / router or a similar high speed spiral saw or trim router.

Here are links to the RotoZip Router that we recommend:


Here is a link to the particular RotoZip bit that we recommend for plastics:

Sabrecut Bit SC4:


Here is a quick YouTube video demo of a RotoZip used to cut a Navpod face:

NavPod face cut with RotoZip


Q-When was my NavPod manufactured and how do I identify the NavPod that I am working with?

A-Some older NavPods may or may not have a part number sticker on the inside of the housing, normally the part number sticker is located on the inside bottom edge of the front.

Here is a listing of the various NavPod generations with production dates and style:


The original Gen 1--Traditional Series, includes the 4-way swivel Power Pods with a square base. Production was early 1990’s to 2009. The Traditional Series NavPods typically are more square and blocky in appearance with sharper corners of about .25” radius, they have countersunk screw holes for flat head screws. The sticker on bottom edge of back will read “Irvine, California"

There will not be an interior gasket present.

There may or may not be an exterior silicon gasket present, if there is one it would measure .125” x .18” to .1875” and is dark grey in color, almost black. Screws may be flathead #8 Phillip’s or flathead 5/32” hex tamper proof


GrandPrix Series-- Gen2--was produced 2002 to 2014, these have a more rounded curved design with corners of .5” radius.

The GranPrix series PowerPods used a 20°/40° 2-way swivel square bases. The exterior silicone gasket is .125” x .18” to .1875” and is dark grey in color, almost black. The interior edge will have a 3/8”x1/4” neoprene foam (PORON) gasket. Screw will be #14 round-button head tamper pruf

Sticker on bottom edge of back will read “Irvine, California”


Gen3 Series—See The New GEN3 NavPod-- New GEN3 Family Features Page

Production started December 2013, these units will have a Bend, Oregon NavPod Logo sticker on the bottom edge of the back. The Gen3 will have an exterior Silicon Gasket that is light gray in color, almost white, and measures .1875”x.1875”. There will be an interior foam gasket present. The screws will be nickel chrome plated #14 round-button head tamper proof

Beginning in Spring 2015 all Gen3 Power pods will have a round base.


Q-Where was my NavPod made?

A-Previous to December 2013 NavPods were manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

All current Gen3 NavPods are thermoformed / manufactured, and assembled in Bend, Oregon.


Q-How often do you update your NavPod options and website to match currently available or newly released marine electronics?

A-Typically we will have a new NavPod option available before the new electronics can actually be purchased by the general public. This allows you to plan for an upcoming installation.

Ocean Equipment strives to be up to date and stay current with the ever changing listing of available marine electronics from popular manufactures like Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad, B&G and Lowrance. We work closely with the major marine electronics manufactures to release new NavPod fitments and options in a proactive fashion.


Q-I lost, misplaced or dropped my screws / hardware overboard. Can order replacement hardware like the tamper proof screws, wrenches and gaskets.

A-Yes, we sell replacement hardware kits as well as the TamperProof Wrench Set - TPK300. Call us to order the specific hardware kit for your NavPod. 541-318-1272


Q-Why did Ocean Equipment decide to discontinue the production of the popular RP41?

A-The RP41 was a holdover from the older Traditional Series NavPods. The design was long in the tooth. The replacement for the RP41 is the new Gen3 GP1500 and GP2500 NavPod series. These new Gen3 NavPods are a great way to reduce the installation height of a system. They accommodate a wider range of instrument and display installation options in a more compact “slim line” design.


Q-What are the differences between the InstrumentPod, SailPod, SystemPod, and PowerPod?

A-InstrumentPods typically are used to mount industry standard sized 4.25”x4.5” wind, speed, and depth navigation instruments an autopilot control head or bow thruster controls. We recommend a Double Bend AngleGuard for mounting an InstrumentPod above a SailPod

SailPods are designed for mounting a single Radar Chartplotter or MFD display at the helm.

SystemPods are designed for mounting multiple pieces of electronics into a single NavPod. We recommend the use of a Single Bend AngleGuard with a Systempod.

PowerPods are designed to mount a single piece of electronics typically on a center console, dash, or companionway, at the NavStation or the flybridge.


Q-Why are some precuts only available with a PowerPod option?

A-For multi-function displays that are primarily fish finders, the Lowrance HDS’s and the Garmin echoMAPs for example, and are not typicaly mounted on Sailboats; we do not normally offer the Sailboat options of precut SytemPods or SailPods.


Q-Can I use a thread locking compound like Loctite with the screws that attached the NavPod front to the NavPod back.

A-NO! do not use thread locking compounds such as LocTite on the screws that attached the NavPod front to the NavPod back. Thread locking compounds will adversely react with the Acrylic / ABS plastic material that the NavPod is fabricated with damaging the NavPod and voiding the warranty.


Q-Can I use a solvent like Acetone or Paint thinner to clean my NavPod?

A-NO! DO NOT USE ANY SOLVENT TO “CLEAN” A NavPod. NavPods are manufactured with a custom co-extruded Acrylic capped ABS material. This is the very best durable impact and UV resistant material that provides a very high gloss Class-A white finish and it closely matches “white” gel-coated fiberglass. However Acrylic and ABS are severely attacked by most petrochemicals (fuels) and organic solvents. Prolonged exposure to aromatic solvents, ketones and esters should be avoided. Do not ever “clean” your NavPod with Acetone Benzenes or Xylenes and avoid contacting the NavPod with fuels like stove fuels (white gas or butane), diesel full, kerosene, gasoline, motor / hydraulic oils-fluids, also avoid battery fluids.

Here is a reference to a long listing of chemicals that may attack or damage Arcylic and ABS.

Be aware that even most sunblock’s contain various ingredients / solvents (Parabens, Octocrylene, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone) that may react with or stain Arcylic and ABS.


Q-Tips for Best Care and cleaning of your NavPod?

A-     Do not use Solvents (as mentioned above) to clean your NavPod, or any Arcylic / ABS material that you may find on your boat. We highly recommend the NOVUS PLASTIC POLISHES THE PROFESSIONALS AND EXPERTS CHOICE product for cleaning and polishing your Acrylic capped ABS NavPod and the various other plastic products that you may find on the boat. In general, use the same process that you would normally use to “wash down” the other plastic and Gel Coated surfaces on your boat. Water with a light solvent free detergent. We recommend using a microfilament type cloth for drying and polishing Acrylic capped ABS. Use a nonabrasive, absorbent, and lint free cloth like a soft cotton cloth (such as a diaper). To eliminate any chance of scratching, use only disposable cloths. “Reusable” cloths can retain micro abrasive particles such as sand dust and dirt particles, but you won't know for sure until the damage is done. Avoid using polyester or rayon wipes which can scratch the plastic.


Q-What is the warranty Period for a NavPod?

A-     We are committed to producing the best possible waterproof housing for Marine Electronics. Now with two+ decades of experience under our belt, we are confident you will have years of trouble free service and a long lasting high gloss finish. We will stand behind our commitment by now offering a 10-year warranty on all new Gen3 NavPods.


Q-Overhead Mounting, can I mount my PowerPod “UpsideDown”?

A-Generally we do not recommend mounting a PowerPod upside down from a ceiling surface / cab or bridge roof. Instead, nearly every PowerPod has an equivalent size SailPod. You can use the SK135 Stanchion Kit with SailPods or SystemPods for a secure and sturdy overhead mount.


Q-What is the built in tilt angle for the SailPods, SystemPods and Instrument Pods?

A-Gen3 NavPod InstrumentPods and Small Sail Pods
·         GP1300 / GP2300 ---15°
·         GP1400 / GP2400 ---15°
·         GP1500 / GP2500 ---15°
·         GP1600 / GP2600 ---15°
Gen3 SailPods
·         GP1800 --- 7.5°
·         GP1030 / GP2030 ---10°
·         GP1050 / GP2050 ---10°
·         GP1060 / GP2060 ---10°
·         GP1200 / GP2200 ---10°
Gen3 SystemPods
·         GP1040 / GP2040 ---11°
·         GP1080 / GP2080 ---7°
·         GP1170 / GP2170 ---6.20°

Q-What is the built in tilt angle for the PowerPods?

A-Gen3 PowerPods have a 20° built in tilt angle. Except for the PP4100 /PP4101, which is 28°


Q- Can you provide me with a template for pre-cutting and drilling the wire and screw holes in my angle guard or for predrilling my PowerPod Base?

A-We typically do not provide templates for the pre-drilling of holes on angle guards or for PowerPods bases. Due to generational product changes and slight engineering and production changes we recommend that the best template is the actual NavPod. If you absolutely need a template for project planning purposes contact us and we will determine the best way to help you.


Q-Can I mount my NavPod and marine electronics above my or in proximity to my magnetic compass Compass/Binnacle?

A-For the most part and through experience NavPods and most modern marine electronics can be mounted in fairly close proximity to most current and modern compasses / binnacles with no adverse effects to the marine electronics or compass bearing. Consult the manufacture of both your intended marine electronics and your compass for compatibility. It is not uncommon for equipment to be installed within the compass “safe distance”. In such cases, it is recommended that the vessel's compass be corrected for any resulting changes to the deviation field sensed by the compass electromagnetic interference rated by the electronics.


Q-I have condensation or water building up inside my NavPod.                 

A-If condensation or water is building up inside of you NavPod drill a small, 1/8” diameter hole at the bottom of the NavPod, at its lowest point, this will allow for any trapped moisture that may get into the NavPod to Drain.


Q-Do you have or sell the Gasket to seal my marine electronics to the front of the NavPod or my NavPod is leaking around the flush mount electronics.

A-We do not supply gaskets for sealing between the NavPod and the marine electronics.

Nearly all current marine electronics are supplied from the various manufactures with a flush mount gasket, if you need a gasket try contacting the manufacture of your electronics.

A bead of a marine grade silicone sealant between the NavPod and the marine electronics also works well in lieu of a gasket.